This blog is a lovechild of my different interests: creative projects, strong women, and social issues.

When I started high school, I was a creative kid. I took music and drama, loved creative writing, and I’d make my own clothing during the holidays. As I got older, I noticed more and more than I “didn’t have time” to do anything I wanted to do. The work had taken over. Now, as a post-graduate student at UoA, I’m taking my time back for myself.

I’ve also found that during my time at Uni, I’ve had access to information and resources that ‘s allowed me to learn about important issues. These resources aren’t always accessible for the general public. To me, this paywall limits our understanding as a society, and places people with greater financial ability or greater access in a position of power. I want to share the knowledge that I’m learning, as a protest to this system of academic privilege.